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The “What’s Your Story” campaign calls for Young Entrepreneurs (16-30) to share anything that they believe is worth telling about their entrepreneurial story or career so far, including info about them, their age, location, objects, studies, motivation, fears, social and local obstacles, good and bad experiences and of course, success stories!

With these stories, we want to help the viewers get an insight and added knowledge about the success that lies behind an entrepreneurial initiative and also about the risks and problems that young entrepreneurs face. Potential entrepreneurs (students or future entrepreneurs) are also welcome to present their stories, share their passion and dreams that might have, plus, the obstacles or the fears that keep them away from achieving them.

All people who are interested can record themselves and their colleagues before sending their stories via video file cloud services, like WeTransfer, or via simple text e-mail when there are just a couple of photos of people, locations, facilities, offices, etc. The stories will be uploaded on the “Stories” section of our website and will be presented during the final conference of YES project in Italy around Summer 2015.

So, “What’s your story?”

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