Umbria Green Card | Italy

The project “Umbria Green Card” comes from the idea of enhancing ecologically- friendly tourism in Umbria, a region rich in historical , artistic, landscape and religious attractions. We would like the visitors to have the opportunity to discover and experience the territory, with a special attention to the preservation of the[...] Read More →

Ihssane Safadar | United Kingdom

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Jana Kamínková | Your Way | Czech Republic

Jana Kamínková is a young entrepreneur from Prague, Czech Republic and a participant of the “Young Europeans Startup – YES” training course and International Conference held in Greece in May 2014: “When I attended the meeting in Greece I was already thinking about setting up my own business. But I[...] Read More →

Shabina Kouser | United Kingdom

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Batuhan Bekinkayan | Pier Marine | Turkey

Baturan Bekinkayan is a young entrepreneur from Tuzla – Istanbul, TURKEY. He is the co-founder of Pier Marine Company operating business on Safety at sea and Fire Extinguishing systems. Here is the business startup story of Batuhan Bekinkayan: History of the company Pier Marine is a marine company, established on[...] Read More →

Francesco Rossi | Arte in Mosaico | Italy

Entrepreneurial Art Francesco Rossi is a young artist, from San Venanzo. After travelling a lot with his works, he decided to open a studio in his village, Rotecastello and dedicated himself exclusively to his artistic activity. His art has its origins from this village: he produces artistic mosaics made from[...] Read More →

Lucia Rossi | La Locanda del Borgo | Italy

An International Inn in San Venanzo Living and working in a medieval castle, preserved exactly like it was, furnished like a real house, inside a small village with only eleven inhabitants in the middle of the green hills of Umbria: this is a dream come true for Lucia Rossi, a[...] Read More →

Milan Šváb | Funmio | Czech Republic

During the second youth entrepreneurship training course in Prague the learners also got the chance to meet with a local young entrepreneur, Mr Milan Šváb, who presented his activities and motivated them to follow their dreams and keep being motivated. Speaker: Mr Milan Šváb, Arty CrEatOr & Founder, Funmio More[...] Read More →

Efi Dascalopoulou | Prosvasis | Greece

My name is Efi Dascalopoulou and I am very pleased to meet you. I come from the Kipseli of Karditsa. I spent my school years with music as my company as I went to a music school. I graduated from the University of Patras (Engineering/Computer Engineering and Informatics) and now[...] Read More →

Dragos Dorneanu | Cedra Tour | Romania

Dragos Dorneanu is a young Romanian entrepreneur graduated in Geography from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University that transformed this passion for nature into a profitable business. “At first it seemed hard to accomplish but taking small steps, with passion, hard work and dedication I managed to turn my dream into reality,[...] Read More →